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Why Become a Hokie?

Many students say they chose the MFT Master’s Program at Virginia Tech in Northern Virginia because of our strong clinical program. Yes, our program does have a strong clinical focus, but we have many other strengths as well -- as students who come here soon find out.

Our faculty is well aware that education and personal growth go hand in hand, both are part of a developmental process. This is something we factor into our thinking as we plan and implement the program. In addition, we are also fortunate to have a strong working relationship among the four full time faculty, adjunct faculty, and the staff that makes our program a great place to work. Our working environment creates a nurturing, growing experience for students. We notice that our students tend to support each other and bond while completing the program -- so the support base here is broad and strong.

Student Stories

Jocelyn Terrazas

When choosing an institution to earn my master’s in marriage and family therapy, I was searching for the “perfect package.” I was looking for a program that would give me the best preparation to enter the realm of marriage and family therapy. Among the many reasons that brought me to Virginia Tech’s Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program are the program’s great reputation, the distinguished faculty, and the onsite clinic. Through classroom education, clinical observations, and team collaboration, I have been able to grow personally and professionally. The close-knit community in Virginia Tech’s Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program helped me feel welcomed and facilitated my learning experience.  Continue reading...

Alumni Reflections

"The Northern Virginia MFT Program provided me with excellent clinical skills. My first employer told me he was always glad to get Tech graduates because they already knew how to do therapy and didn't have to be trained. The staff was incredibly supportive of me as a novice and prepared me both academically and clinically."

"Receiving my master's degree from the MFT program at Virginia Tech was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I receive top notch training but I had the opportunity to form relationships with faculty and colleagues that will influence me for a lifetime."