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Applying to the Program

Students are admitted to our program once a year. Prospective students must complete the appropriate application forms and submit them to the Graduate School before the deadline, which is January 1, 2019. Letters of recommendation are due no later than January 15, 2019. Applications are reviewed by the fulltime faculty who then select 25-28 prospective students from the pool of applicants (based on GRE and GPA; quality of reference letters; writing ability; experience; etc.) to come to the Center for a day-long group interview, which usually takes place in February-March.

The day-long interview is a mutual screening process. We gain more knowledge about applicants in order to select students who will contribute to the program and who will be most likely to benefit from the program. We also try to tell candidates as much about our program and the field of family therapy as we can to assist them in deciding whether our program is a good fit for them.

No one type of student is preferred. We try to attain ethnic, age, and gender diversity in selecting the most qualified applicants for admission. Each year we try to select a group of students who will complement each other and work well together.

From the pool of interviewees, we invite from 12-15 to join our program in the coming year.

To be formally invited to begin the clinical portion of the program, students also complete an additional screening process to assure they are ready to begin practicum.