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Commonwealth Campus

If you choose to attend the Commonwealth Campus we hope that you will find your academic experience with the marriage and family therapy program courses to be both challenging and

As a Commonwealth Campus student, you will be expected to meet all prerequisite course requirements or to be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and understanding for courses prior to enrollment.

The Commonwealth campus program limits students to 12.0 credit hours. These courses must be completed with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to remain a student in good standing.

If a student is later accepted into the degree or certificate program, credits earned in the Commonwealth Campus program will convert to the student’s plan of study.

Because of the competitive nature of admission to the marriage and family therapy program, we encourage you to be thoughtful about the number of courses that you take. We encourage students to take no more than 6.0 credit hours in the Commonwealth Campus. Success in the Commonwealth Campus does not guarantee admission to either the master’s degree or the post-master’s certificate marriage and family therapy program.

Not all marriage and family therapy courses are open to Commonwealth Campus students.  However, we do offer several courses each semester that will be available for you to take. For  questions and information on available courses, please contact our Program Coordinator, Patricia Meneely at 703-538-8460 or

The final decision on admittance to a marriage and family therapy program course will be up to the instructor of the course.