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Hours Of Operation

Due to COVID-19, all therapy sessions are currently offered remotely using a secure encrypted video platform.  Therapy sessions are currently being offered beginning on the hour as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9 AM - 8 PM

Fridays: 3 PM - 6 PM

Center Business Hours:

Monday through Friday: 10 AM - 3 PM

VT CFS Northern Virginia: Session Fees

Therapy sessions must be arranged by appointment and are scheduled for the same time each week. Fees are set on a sliding scale and are based on household income, household size, and ability to pay.

Fees range from $15 to $65 per 50 minute session. CFS also has a family plan: if more than one family member needs services, these are provided at an additional $10 per week. Our services are not reimbursable through insurance panels.

If a session is cancelled with less than 12 hours' notice, the fee is half the regular session fee. If no notice is provided, the full session fee is charged. There is no fee for sessions cancelled with 12 or more hours' notice.

Current clients can provide payment for their session using the button below, which will take you to the payment portal. When you enter the payment portal, please note that you will need information for the following fields.

  • Your Service Provider - this is the name of your Therapist Intern
  • Your Invoice Number - this is the 9-digit code found on your billing statement
  • Please Pay This Amount - you are able to enter a partial or full payment in this field. The amount owed will not be listed. You can find the amount owed on your billing statement, or by knowing your session fee and the number of sessions attended since your last payment, along with any late session or missed session charges.
  • If you have questions about your bill, please call the number provided on your billing statement. You can also speak with your assigned therapist intern in session or leave a message for them on the clinic voicemail at 703-538-8470.

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