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Alumni Reflections

Virginia Tech's Marriage & Family Therapy Masters Program is proud to say that it has graduated over 200 students. These graduates are now working in a variety of fields and utilizing what they've learned in a multitude of ways. Listed below are some personal statements from alumni sharing what the MFT program has meant to them and how it has helped them get where they are today.

Greg Linares - Graduated Spring semester 2017

Virginia Tech’s MFT Master’s program provided invaluable experience both professionally and personally. I came into the program believing I would receive tools and knowledge to help people, but the program gave me so much more than that. I walked away with a completely different view and understanding of people, families, and the world around me. The program is structured in a way that I learned as much about myself as I did about becoming a capable therapist. It challenged and refined me. As I look back on my experience, I know that my time in this program will pay dividends for the remainder of my career and life.

The wealth of expertise and diversity among the instructors is unparalleled. The faculty and adjunct professors that are a part of this program all bring unique strengths and backgrounds. Each class, practicum, and conversation with my professors taught me something and I know I will carry those lessons with me for a long time. I could not have dreamt of a better way to begin my career as a therapist, and I know I will build on what I learned at Virginia Tech.

Abigail Burton - Graduated Spring semester 2017

I feel like the MFT program has done an excellent job at preparing me to be a therapist.  The faculty, staff, and supervisors have been nothing but supportive.  Throughout the 3 year program not only did I learn a lot of about the art and science of therapy, but I learned a lot about myself as well.

Mary Moussa, MS - Graduated Spring semester 2014

My time in the VT MFT program really "grew me up." From day one, I could feel that I was doing this growing up with a family of classmates, professors, and staff; all different ages, with different backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking about and doing things, yet always with a sense of mutual support. I learned about my vulnerabilities and how they affected my life and those of my clients. Through safe opportunities to be vulnerable in classes and with my new family, I learned that I could find both beauty and resilience in vulnerability. I learned that as a therapist, I am also a client, learning about myself through them. This program has made me feel more compassion for myself and for others and to see that the grey areas in life are what make life complex, and in turn, beautiful. I learned to be a therapist who is curious about her clients and their process of change. We also got to see what acceptance looks like and appreciate how hard change can be. The people of this program helped grow me into a great consumer and producer of research, a thoughtful and ethical clinician, and truly a better person.  Though I no longer live in Virginia, I have seen the evidence of a lasting VT MFT community support across the country that will remain with me on my journey of "growing up" as a person and therapist.

Ashley Wise, MS - Graduated Spring semester 2013

I consider the education and training that I received in the program priceless. I am currently working as a mental health therapist in the community, and I know that I would not be as successful in the work that I am doing now without the comprehensive and extensive education that is within the curriculum, as well as the hands on experience of seeing clients in the clinic. From interview day until walking across the stage at graduation, the professors and the staff at Virginia Tech were right by my side supporting me in any way that I needed. When applying for jobs, having completed the Virginia Tech program speaks volumes to employers. The program gave me the foundation that I needed to start my career in working with individuals, families and couples.

Jordan Johnson, MS - Graduated Spring semester 2013

As a recent graduate now working in the field, it is clear to me that attending Virginia Tech’s MFT program was the right decision for me. As my experience grows, I am reminded daily just how valuable and unique the education, clinical training, and alumni support system is at Virginia Tech. Attending this program provided me with the tools, support, and confidence to pursue my career as a therapist.

Carl Mojta, LMFT - Graduated Fall semester 2011

I am very proud to have received my master’s degree from Virginia Tech’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program.  Although becoming a licensed marriage and family therapists requires a lot of dedication and perseverance, the faculty, adjunct faculty and supervisors created a supportive and academically rigorous environment that made the journey not only possible – but worth it! I value the faculty for being on the cutting edge of the MFT field and wish to thank them for introducing me to Internal Family Systems (IFS), which has allowed me to explore my own parts!  During a (post graduate) IFS Level II training focused on couples, several non-MFT trained therapists expressed apprehension about working with couples.  Their reaction made me realize the uniqueness of our systemic training, because this is what truly distinguishes us from other mental health disciplines. And finally, it’s important to highlight the fact that Virginia Tech’s MFT program is COAMFTE accredited, which is a significant testament to – and the gold standard of – its overall quality.  I especially value this accreditation, because without it, I could not have been hired in my current position as a family therapist at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ DC Vet Center.  As I continue to grow and hone my skills as a therapist, I will always owe a debt of gratitude to Virginia Tech’s outstanding MFT program!