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Post-Masters Certificate

Our Post Master's (PM) Certificate Program is designed for people who have earned a master's degree in a mental health discipline and would like to obtain specific training in marriage and family therapy. Some PM students need academic courses for licensure and some just want to learn how to work with families effectively. Although certain courses are required, programs of study are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each student.

Course Requirements

21 semester hours: 15 academic credits and 6 hours of practicum. The required courses are Systems Theory and Family Therapy, Clinical MFT I, and Professional Ethics (9 credits), and 6 to 9 credits of elective courses.

Most students complete the PM certificate program in 2-3 years as part time students while they work full or part time.

Clinical Training

After successfully completing approximately 6-9 hours of course work (usually following their first academic year), students are eligible to apply for the clinical program. Once accepted into the clinical program, PM students are required to complete one calendar year of practicum in our on-site clinic, The Center for Family Services (CFS), which is equipped with one-way mirrors and video cameras. Their work at CFS is closely supervised from behind a one-way mirror, in a group setting, and individually. Clients at CFS come from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and have a wide array of presenting problems.